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Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Science Fiction Science Fiction. Planetfall for Marda. Description Grumpy hermit Paden Bell immigrates to a new planet to build a new life.


Tolvan killed and skinned her and, as Aphra and the other mercenaries returned to their ship, she joined them, wearing Ombra's pelt as a disguise. Aphra took the mercenaries to the Lucrehulk Prime , a Lucrehulk-class LH cargo freighter used by the rebels as a flight school to train pilots. As they landed there, Tolvan used Ombra's skin to blend into the shadows, sneaking away into the air ducts. Aphra's crew were welcomed as recruits but, after Tam Posla revealed otherwise, General Hera Syndulla had then imprisoned in the brig. Tolvan found the cell holding Aphra and Dek-Nil.

After entering, she revealed herself to Aphra, who despised the idea of skinning Ombra. Aphra a short discussion over Imperial rules, Tolvan then demanded Aphra's name, mission, and why her records had been deleted by Darth Vader. Dek-Nil then stunned her and she accidentally shot the generator powering the cells shields, freeing the mercenaries.

Aphra had them help her stuff Tolvan back into the air duct, leaving a communicator with her so the two could talk. By the time Tolvan woke up again, Aphra and her mercenaries had left the flight school with Syndulla as their captive. The lucrehulk found itself under attack by a scaraphyte swarm. While the rebel officer Bini tried to deal with their situation in the control hub, Tolvan attacked four of his personnel before knocking him unconscious.

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She then contacted Hivebase-1 to report her success. Commander Yewl responded, congratulating her for her actions and ordering her to destroy the flight school with her on it. Aphra had been listening in to Tolvan's conversation from Hivebase When Tolvan agreed to Yewl's orders, Aphra contacted her, trying to convince her she was not worth losing.

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Tolvan realized she could not let herself die and told Yewl that capturing the flight school was a piority objective, referencing a certain article from the Imperial officers' doctrine. To Aphra's shock, she then revealed to him that Aphra was inside Hivebase Yewl decided to defrost a room of rejected prototypes to deal with them, but Posla possessed weaponry that proved a match for them. Under her control, the flight school latched onto the complex and ripped the datacore out, with Aphra and her team on. At the same time, Tolvan returned to the air ducts as more rebels reached the control hub.

As the flight school withdrew, Hivebase-1 was detonated from explosive Tookas Aphra had let loose there. Now back on the flight school, Syndulla let Aphra leave peacefully for stealing the datacore. While they talked, Aphra had sent Posla to find Tolvan in the air ducts. Tolvan tranquilized him and took his armor , using it as a disguise to get off the flight school with Aphra. With the last of Aphra's mercenaries now part of the rebellion, it left Aphra and Tolvan alone on the ship.

After a romantic two days together, they parted on a snowy planet, with Aphra finally revealing her name to her. After returning to the Inspectorate, Tolvan began investigating matters regarding the infiltration and destruction of Hivebase From the wreckage of the complex, both Commander Yewl and Dek-Nil were recovered. Yewl was taken to the Imperial Internal Affairs Outpost to be executed for his failures while other survivors were disciplined appropriately.

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Although the rebellion now possessed Hivebase-1's datacore, Tolvan doubted they had the courage to weaponize some of the data inside it. Furthermore, she had placed a tracker on Aphra as she left her. Tolvan tracked her to the her superiors, the Son-tuul Pride. There, her forces attacked and put an end to the syndicate.

Following the destruction of the Son-tuul Pride, Tolvan was promoted to Captain-Inspector , and she had her investigation put into a case log. Sometime later, Tolvan was on Coruscant investigating the site of a ship crash. That was when Aphra, who had obtained a transmitter at Accresker Jail, contacted her.

Shortly after greeting Tolvan, she told her about a conspiracy involving Darth Vader trying to overthrow the Emperor himself using a Force-sensitive boy. At that time, Aphra had been under an unsuccessful interrogation and she feared this conspiracy would be discovered during the process.

Now that Tolvan new of it, she was under threat if the interrogations became successful. She realized this and, with no time to spare, she travelled to Accresker Jail to find Aphra.

See a Problem?

Tolvan met with Accresker's warden on their prison-tug to take Aphra away for her own interrogations. The warden, though, struggled to see what she could do that they could not. His assets were defrosting a bor of the Mairan to interrogate Aphra. Tolvan corrected the warden and he led her to a cell on the prison-tug containing Aphra.

She entered it, telling the other Imperials to leave. A lieutenant said it was regulations for her to stay so Tolvan had her facing the wall, humming audibly. No relatively alone, she and Aphra plotted an escape plan. While Accresker Jail engaged a pirate station , Tolvan flew a TIE fighter around the flip side of the wreckage-prison, where she found Aphra, Dek-Nil, and the shape-shifting alien Lopset Yas waiting for her.

Tolvan had sensor disruptors keeping her ship from being detected by Accresker command. However, a Force spirit then attacked them, destroying the disruptors. Aphra followed it despite Tolvan's objections and Tolvan was then contacted by Accresker Command, asking her to identify herself.

To make matters worse, the rebel agent Sana Starros , who was also looking for Aphra, attacked Tolvan in her ship, the Volt Cobra. Both now without a ship, Tolvan and Starros shot at each other. As this happened, they both realized the other was trying to save Aphra and stopped fighting. As this happened, the engagement with the pirate station had ended. Aphra and Yas returned to Tolvan carrying Dek-Nil's head.

Aphra was surprised by Starros' appearance and the loss of their getaway ship.