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Shabbat candles We light our candles in the sink or in a baking dish and pour a little water in the dish so if the candles tip over they'll just fall into water. They're safe burning overnight. I have never see or used candles that burn over night..

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Why do the candles burn for so long? Mine are the typical shabbat candles that last a few hours. So, I am thinking about the type of candles that you are using. Why do they take all night to burn out? Thank you very much Mrs Benjaminson. Candles Can you use electric candles in stead of regular candles. There is a debate among contemporary authorities about reciting the blessing over electric candles. The consensus is, if someone is hospitalized, where the use of fire is prohibited, they may rely on the opinions that allow reciting the blessing over an electronic candle.

Othwerise it is best to use a real candle. Shabbat Candle Lighting Why do you recite the prayer after the candles are lit? Generally a blessing is recited before performing a mitzvah. Lighting Shabbat candles is an exception, since when we recite the blessing on the candles, we welcome in the Shabbat.

Once Shabbat begins, we are no longer allowed to light candles. Therefore, we first light the candles and then recite the blessing. What about Sephardic Jews?

As I understand, they say a blessing and then light shabbat candles. I was told that according to them, once you light the candles, you accept shabbat and the blessing said after lighting the candles is then meaningless. Yes, Sephardic Jews do it the opposite way. First they say the berakha, then they light, as with any other mitzvah.

Can I Pray over Shabbos candles after the Brocha? What is kosher in terms of praying after the Brocha for Shabbat? Are you allowed to pray for people, health, the world, Israel This is a particularly auspicious time for prayer, and you can pray for all of the above. May your prayers be answered. Recently I had a friend come to diner after our 18 minutes had ended for lighting this past Shabbat. She felt terrible she was late and couldn't light but wanted to say the blessing.

Another woman there said she couldn't. I was told you could as long as you didn't light or transfer the flame Can you at least say th blessing if time has run out??? She may not simply make a blessing on the already lit candles. However, Ex post facto, if it is after sunset, but still during "twilight" i. It should be stressed that since this relies upon a number of leniencies this may not be relied upon in the first instance.

If t is, then a Rabbi needs to be consulted whether this is still regarded as a "bidieved" ex post facto and whether you may ask a non-jew to light Reply. I was taught men living alone light 2 candles. Hope you aren't alone for long! Thanks for your answer. Much appreciated.

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WHat about a man lighting the candles? Why not? And, my wife and I would like to light them together.

After all, we share everything else together. The custom is for the woman to light candles, because it is her job to bring light into the world. Technically, a man can light too, but only one blessing should be recited per household.

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So if the woman is not home, the man should certainly be the one lighting with a blessing. I can't find information to two questions. Are candles lit every night of Passover or just on the first night? After you've given charity and removed the charity box, light the candles. A girl should light before her mother, so her mother can help if necessary, and is also forbidden to light her candle after the proper time.

Rather, drop it on a fireproof surface or give it to someone who has not yet accepted Shabbat. Use your hands to shield your eyes from the flames and recite the blessing while your eyes are covered. The time of candle-lighting is considered particularly auspicious for private prayer. Women have traditionally prayed, as they stand with eyes closed, for health, happiness, children who will illuminate the world with Torah , and the ultimate Redemption which will be ushered in by the Messiah.

Girls, too, offer their own prayers at this special moment, as they discover the beauty of a practice which will enlighten their entire lives. Uncover your eyes, gaze at the Shabbat lights and greet your family with "Good Shabbos " or "Shabbat Shalom. Once you light the candles, you have accepted Shabbat.

Candle Lighting: How To

As fire is muktzeh set aside, and forbidden to move on shabbat, the candles and candlesticks may not be moved until the conclusion of Shabbat. More on how to light the candles. A small flame, or pair of flames, can seem so small and weak. How much of a difference can it make in the gloom of a world engulfed in darkness?

The answer is a lot. The beauty of light is that even the smallest point of radiance can dispel much darkness.

How to Say the Shabbat Blessings

And together, all of our Shabbat candles, from all over the globe, will join together in creating a giant blaze of spiritual light, ushering in the era of eternal Shabbat, the days of Moshiach. Read: Where does the Torah say to light Shabbat candles? Read: What are Shabbat candles? Why does it say "kodesh" at the end of the prayer? I'm not sure of the answer either, but it does translate to "Sanctity.